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Save money and get peace of mind knowing that your home and family is protected against the elements by keeping your heating and cooling systems in top working order!


Silver Plan – $399 per system per year

  • Two annual tune-ups
  • 10{73fec0cfcc595e62711439316c1b456faa441164b298ed5f2f915ed6b339bb8e} off repairs
  • 50{73fec0cfcc595e62711439316c1b456faa441164b298ed5f2f915ed6b339bb8e} off diagnostic fees
  • Priority service
  • $50 Annual Loyalty Credits

Gold Plan – $449 per system per year

  • Two annual tune-ups
  • No charge for repairs
  • No diagnostic fees
  • Priority service
  • Emergency service within 24 hours
  • $50 Annual Loyalty Credits
  • Equipment must be less than 5 years old and under warranty

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Additional Coverage

Call for pricing on coverage for:

Additional heating/cooling unit • Air purifiers (with ultraviolet lights) • Whole-house dehumidifier • Whole-house air filters • Zoning system

Earn Up to $500 in Credits

For each consecutive year you are enrolled in the Gold or Silver Plan, you earn $50 in Loyalty Credits. You can accumulate $500 in credits and apply them to the following equipment purchases from us:

High-efficiency Heating & Central Air System – $500

High-efficiency Furnace or Air Handler – $250

High-efficiency Condenser and Evaporator Coil – $250

Zoning System – $100

Two Precision Annual Tune-Ups

Heating and cooling unit tune-ups will be performed during the service plan term during regular working hours. Please call to schedule.

The Cooling tune-up includes the following:

  1. Lubricate all moving parts
  2. Install gauges: record operating pressures and temperatures
  3. Evaluate condition of air filters; clean and/or replace with customer supplied filter
  4. Measure refrigerant superheat to fine-tune
  5. Flush condensate drain to protect against overflow
  6. Clean outdoor condenser coil
  7. Check blower motor (and belt if applicable)
  8. Test temperature drop at return and air supply, adjust blower speed
  9. Safety test all controls
  10. Check voltage and amperage in all motors; test for worn bearing
  11. Test condition of compressor contacts
  12. Test start and run capacitors and relays for bulges, rust and leaks
  13. Totern safety
  14. Check thermostat operation
  15. Inspect ductwork
  16. Inform customer

The Heating tune-up includes the following:

  1. Test carbon monoxide levels
  2. Clean and adjust burners and inspect heat exchanger
  3. Evaluate condition of air filters; clean and/or replace with customer supplied filter
  4. Check thermostat operation
  5. Check blower motor (and belt if applicable)
  6. Test and tighten all wiring and connections
  7. Turn exposed dampers to heating position if marked (no balancing)
  8. Flush condensate drain

Parts Covered on the Gold Plan

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HeatPumps & A/C Parts
Compressor (under warranty)
Condenser Coil (under warranty)
Condenser Fan
Condenser Fan Blade
Condenser Motor
Crankcase Heater
Evaporator Coil (under warranty)
Expansion Valve
High Pressure Control
Holding Relay
Low Pressure Control
Motor Protector
Motor Starter
Outdoor Fan Blade
Outdoor Unit Relay
Potential Relay
Running Capacitor
Standard Air Filter
Starting Capacitor
Starting Relay
Thermostat (standard)
Thermostat Subbase (standard)
Time Delay Control
Timer Relay
Wiring in Condensing Unit

Combination Control
Draft Regulator
Emergency Switch
High Limit Control
Pressuretrol Primary Control
Thermostat (standard)
Thermostat Sub Base (standard)

Warm Air Systems
Blower Belt
Blower Motor
Blower Motor Pulley
Blower Pulley
Blower Wheel
Fan and Limit Control
Heat Exchanger (under warranty)

Gas Burner Parts
Burner Orifice
Burner Turbe
Gas Valve
Gas Valve Orifice
Low Voltage Transformer
Pilot Burner
Pilot Tube
Pressure Switch
Sensor Ignition Module

Venting Parts
Fan Inducer Motor

Blower Bearings
Blower Shaft
Fan Inducer Motor Assembly
Fan Wheel
Gas Shut-off Valve
Main Curcuit Board

Other Services
Free Diagnostic Analysis (if necessary)
No change for use of refrigerant recovery
Equipment for compressor
Replacement of refrigerant leak repairs

Terms & Conditions

1. Silver Service Plan offers a 10{73fec0cfcc595e62711439316c1b456faa441164b298ed5f2f915ed6b339bb8e} discount off repair charges, 50{73fec0cfcc595e62711439316c1b456faa441164b298ed5f2f915ed6b339bb8e} off diagnostic fee, all factory required maintenance (2) times per year and $50.00 loyalty rewards credits per year.

2. Gold Service Plan covers labor and most frequently replaced parts when you have a problem with your covered equipment, all factory required maintenance (2) times per year and $50.00 loyalty rewards credits per year.

3. Gold Service plans become effective only after inspection of equipment and systems by Bayside Electrical Contractor, Inc. All equipment must be brought up to standard condition before being accepted for a Gold Service Plan. Advance payment does not make a plan become effective.

4. Gold Service Plans are in effect for 12 months and are self-renewing each year thereafter at prevailing rates. The Bayside Electrical Contractor, Inc. will indicate its acceptance of a service plan by issuance of an invoice.

5. If customer pays monthly and decides to cancel plan for any reason prior to completion of the current year’s agreement, customer is responsible for paying in full for the maintenance agreement or for services rendered with discounts to date whichever is less.

6. Service plans are transferrable to new owner at seller of property’s option or voided at request, but no amount is refundable.

7. The Bayside Electrical Contractor, Inc.’s responsibility under a service plan will automatically cease if service or any parts or equipment covered by the plan is procured from another source or if a client’s account is past due.

8. Priority Service – Silver Plan customers receive priority scheduling ahead of non-agreement customers. Most calls are answered within 24 hours. However, longer response periods can be encountered during peak periods. The Bayside Electrical Contractor, Inc. makes no guarantee of any specific response time for Silver Plan customers. Gold Plan customers who call before 12:00 pm get same day service on weekdays (or within 24 hours on weekends). If we fail to meet this time frame for Gold Plan customers, we will issue a $100 credit.

9. The Bayside Electrical Contractor, Inc. reserves the right to make all calls during regular work hours Monday-Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm. Gold Plan customers will receive emergency service within 24 hours including weekends and holidays if requested. An overtime premium will apply.

10. To help hold down the price of our plans by eliminating unnecessary service calls, our clients are expected to: make sure the thermostat is properly set and check all switches including circuit breakers. Clients are also expected to monitor the condition of all filters (heating, cooling, air cleaner, etc.). We will clean these filters or replace with customer supplied filters as needed during our maintenance service.

11. Replacement of the entire unit or of the following items are not covered under either plan: electrical service from breaker to unit, flues, duct systems, gas and water leaks, registers, grills and inaccessible refrigerant leaks or other repairs located in walls, ceilings, floors, etc.

12. The following items are not covered under either plan if warranty has expired: compressors, heat exchangers, evaporator coils or condenser coils. If heat exchanger, compressor, evaporator coil or condenser coil is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty then labor and materials for replacement is included.

13. The following items are not covered under either plan unless separate coverage is purchased for them: electronic air cleaners, ultra-violet lights, air filters and other accessories not an integral part of the air conditioner or furnace.

14. Parts and labor not covered under a service plan will be billed at prevailing rates.

15. Calls to replace dirty filters, to balance heat and/or cooling to individual rooms, or to adjust thermostat settings will be considered chargeable calls.

16. The plans do not cover non-maintenance work or acts of God such as: work required because of fire, lightning, explosion, flood, freezing or breaking of pipes, sabotage, shortage of electrical, gas or water supply, electrical work beyond the units, cleaning of ducts, painting, moving of equipment, correction of installation or design deficiencies, expense caused by improper operation, negligence or misuse of the equipment, or damage from any cause that is external or that does not arise solely and directly out of the operation of this equipment. If you request such a service, it will be charged to you at prevailing prices.

17. The Bayside Electrical Contractor, Inc. will endeavor to render prompt and efficient service, but it is expressly agreed that The Bayside Electrical Contractor, Inc. shall in no event be liable for damage or loss caused by delay or any loss arising out of the of the performance of this agreement.

18. The obligation to furnish replacement parts is subject to availability through normal supply sources. Any cost for the shipping of parts is the responsibility of the customer.

19. Annual tune-ups may be scheduled at any time during the service plan year. Through a regular program of postcard reminders and follow-up phone calls, The Bayside Electrical Contractor, Inc. will make every attempt to schedule your tune-up; however, this responsibility is shared with the client who must make the unit accessible to be worked on during normal working hours.

20. The Loyalty Reward Equipment Replacement Program gives each client with Silver Service Plan or Gold Service Plan $50 for each consecutive year that a plan is in place towards the purchase of a replacement furnace, heat pump, air handler or condensing unit, up to a maximum of $500. It cannot be used for repairs, installation of accessories or any other purchases to pay any outstanding balance to The Bayside Electrical Contractor, Inc.

21. The Loyalty Reward allowance is not transferrable and cannot be paid out in any other form in lieu of purchase.

22. The equipment being replaced must have been covered under a current service plan with The Bayside Electrical Contractor, Inc.

23. The Bayside Electrical Contractor, Inc. reserves the right to modify the Loyalty Reward Program, including terminating it without prior notice. In the event of program termination all earned rewards will be available for use by our clients for a period of one year following program termination.

24. The Bayside Electrical Contractor, Inc.’s obligation under this agreement and any subsequent contract does not include the identification, abatement or removal of asbestos or any other hazardous substances, hazardous wastes or hazardous materials, or any fungi or spores; substance, vapor or gas produced by or arising out of any fungi or spores; or any material, product, building component or structure that contains, harbors, nurtures, or acts as a medium for any fungi or spores. In the event such is encountered, Contractor’s sole obligation will be to notify the Owner of their existence.

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