Water Damage, Electricity and Your Home and Business… the Basic Rundown
The Cape and Island has certainly been seeing excessive rain this season.  Although a steady rain can be relaxing, it can pose some risks as well. Those risks include the usual dangers of a storm, but specifically; water damage and electrical wiring.

The certified electricians at Bayside Electrical take your safety and the safety of your business and employees seriously, so if you’re at risk for damaging wire, we want you to know what to do! Suspect you may have water damaged wiring in your business? Contact Bayside Electrical Contractors today!

The Dangers of Water-Damage and Electrical Wiring
You’ve most likely heard countless times how water and electricity don’t mix.  As a home and/or business owner or operator it’s time to heed those warnings. It only takes a split-second and zap; you, your family or your employees could possibly be in some life-threatening danger!

Pose a risk of fire. Any type of damaged wiring allows for a risk of devastating property fire. Wires may be exposed, or making contacts they aren’t designed for or were not intended to make, and this can very rapidly become dangerous.
Risk electrical shock. Electrical shock can come in a number of ways. Handling damaged wiring, or failing to notice electrified tools, equipment, or standing water are all good ways to get a bad zap, and you could wind up with serious injuries.
Cause permanent increased damage. Electricity and wiring aren’t necessarily complicated, but they are extremely specific.  If you fail to correct damaged components, your initial water damage could cause more damage to your electrical system as well as appliances and devices throughout the home. Your damaged wiring may arc and you may experience power surges or other issues which can permanently damage devices plugged into the system.

KEY POINT: Electricity and water are dangerous when combined because water is a conductor of electricity. Meaning that water allows electricity to flow through it. If you were to put your hand in a glass of water that had a small amount of electricity flowing through it, for example, you will feel a good shock, and it WILL hurt quite a bit

Easy Signs to Properly Identify Water-Damaged Electrical Wiring
Submerged wires and equipment. Generally speaking, any wires that have come into contact with standing water should be immediately replaced by a professional. There are some outdoor-specific exceptions (like heavy-duty outdoor lighting equipment), but if you’re unsure, just be safe and contact a certified electrician.
“Buzzing” wires or pools of water. In the aftermath of a heavy rain, you may note a humming or buzzing sound coming from various wires or appliances. If there is a strange sound, don’t attempt to handle it in any way! This means it’s holding a charge.  That charge will shoot into you in a hurry if you get too close. If a buzzing wire is in a pool of water, avoid that too. Water carries a charge readily, and it’s as dangerous as the wire itself.

Water-Damaged Electrical Wiring Replacement for the Cape and Islands
If you suspect you wiring has been damaged by the outside elements please consider your own safety and the safety of your family and employees first and contact the specialists at Bayside Electrical to get the professional repair and peace of mind you deserve!

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