With the days longer, nights shorter, temperatures slowly starting to climb…Spring is officially making it’s presence! Crawling to us at a snail’s pace, but nonetheless, before you know it the dog days of summer will be here. Since spending time outdoors with family and friends will be on everyone’s agenda, we are dedicating this post to a favorite topic at Bayside Electrical: Outdoor Lighting.

Appearance is everything and the first thing people see when they visit your home or business. The importance of curb appeal has never been greater and something to consider while you are designing the exterior of your property is the outdoor design plan.  Outdoor Lighting gives your visitor an idea of what they should except for the rest of your home or business.  Your Exterior Lighting Plan’s functional purpose is to guide guests to your home and around your property.  Here’s a basic rundown of the main options to consider.  Follow along and get some outdoor lighting fixture inspiration for this upcoming season.


Outdoor Pendant Lighting


This is the perfect option for outdoor areas that have a ceiling. Outdoor pendant lights are great for patios, decks, entryways and outdoor entertaining areas.  Options are limitless and most supply houses can accommodate your style.  Our best tip for selecting an outdoor pendant light? Make sure you select the right size! Just like selecting a chandelier for your dining room or pendant lights for your kitchen island, you want to make sure your outdoor light fits just right.  Once you have selected the perfect outdoor pendant light call the pro’s at Bayside Electrical! Our qualified licensed electricians are here to help.  Having trouble selecting that perfect pendant light? We can help with that too! You can’t go wrong with Farmhouse style outdoor lighting.



Outdoor Wall Lighting


Perhaps one of 2018’s top design trends are outdoor wall sconces. Traditionally thought only to be used while flanking doorways, design plans are using them this season in a more versatile manner.  Lighting up the wall that also uses a stairway or even on columns supporting your deck, this style can really be a game changer for your lighting plan.  Bayside’s tip – always consider your location and the type of elements these lights will be enduring.  If the weather patterns seem to have heavy water exposure or your property is near the ocean, look for marine-grade finishes that can tolerate heavy moisture and salt exposure.


Wireless Portables


A less permeant option is wireless portables or more commonly referred to as wireless outdoor lighting. These lights are great if entertaining outdoors isn’t something you plan on doing frequently and want to skip exterior light planning all together. Battery operated, rechargeable, lightweight and usually weather resistant, these lights can be moved around to your liking.  Some can even play music via Bluetooth, change colors, or float! They are not only functional but a fun addition to your event.  Fourth of July Pool Party? Yes please!


Recessed and Spot Lights


This is a great option for those who want light but don’t really want to see an actual fixture. Typically, you only see the effect of the light.  This is perfect if your goal is to highlight certain features, such as plants, trees or other outdoor features. If you are looking for a more modern vibe from your exterior electrical plan then this is your best option.  Call Bayside and our qualified licensed electricians will get the job done so you can enjoy lighting up your properties best features!



Path Lights


Path lights are pretty self-explanatory. They do exactly what you would think, luminating pathways usually from the ground up.  Options include hard wired, solar landscape lighting or even low voltage landscape lighting is available.  These lights don’t necessarily have to be lighting footpaths.  You could apply this feature to your driveway, garden beds, water features or create paths throughout your property.  Our favorite use of this feature is making a clear easy route to your main entrance.  A luxury that your guests will appreciate no matter what the season.


Step Lights


This particular option is one that does require a little planning. Step lights are installed directly into the stairs of your home.  The type of material your stairs are made of will determine the amount of work.  For example, wooden stairs would be a relatively simple addition, simply cutting out a recess would do the trick.  However, say you have poured concrete, this is something that would be considerably more challenging if your thinking about adding step lights as an afterthought.  Step lights are a great way to add curb appeal to your property while also having a very desirable function.



There you have it! You are now practically at expert level regarding exterior lighting and some options available to you. Still stuck and want even more ideas? Call Bayside Electrical Contractors today, we would love to help light the way for you and help inspire some more outdoor lighting ideas!

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