Under-cabinet lighting used under kitchen and pantry cabinets not only provides task lighting but to also compliments the general lighting in the room and enhance the room overall appearance. If your under-cabinet lighting was installed more than 10 years ago, there are some excellent upgrades available to the classic fluorescent strips as well as some great new options that can not only make cooking in your kitchen a joy again but can make a huge difference to the overall ambience of one of the busiest areas in your home.

T4 Fluorescent Strips
Unlike older T12 bulbs which have a 1-1/2 inch diameter, T4 bulbs have only 1/2 inch in diameter. This makes for a much more streamlined fixture. Updated fluorescent bulbs are also much improved over their predecessors because they are instant-on, won’t flicker or hum, and their color value is improved.

Puck Lights
Puck lighting is often used to light the inside of cabinets or as under-cabinet task lighting solution, creating pools of light on a kitchen countertop. Most puck lights can either be surface or recess mounted into a location and are available in a variety of sizes and light sources making it a very flexibile lighting solution.

LED Strips
LED strip lights feature a low-profile look similar to slim fluorescent strips, but LED bulbs typically have a longer life than fluorescents, saving you money on replacement bulb costs and energy. LED strip lights installed by BaySide Electrical Contractors also work great in bathrooms, pantry areas, built-in office areas and display cabinets. The applications are endless, so give Bayside Electrical a call at 508-771-7270 or use the contact form below and see how under-cabinet lighting can brighten up your home.

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