Staying true to form with our last blog post Spring Outdoor Lighting, here we outline the 4 greatest considerations to take prior to your outdoor TV installation.

Indoor TVs and Outdoor TVs are not the same


You’re probably already rolling your eyes at this point. And yes, you could avoid the entire process of an outdoor TV installation by dragging the TV out to the backyard on a nice summer evening. Of course, this is a cheaper/easier solution, but long-term, it’s a bad idea. If your goal is to make a TV a permanent fixture for outdoor living, the TV needs to be rated for outdoor use.  Why?  Outdoor rated TV displays have extra-bright panels and can fight off glare, resulting in a better picture under natural outdoor lighting conditions.  They are also designed and built to endure the outdoor elements.  On average and depending on size, your outdoor TV will weigh between 70-110 pounds, much different when compared to indoor TVs that typically weigh about 20 pounds.  The main difference, is how outdoor televisions are designed to withstand the outdoor elements, mainly water.  New England is notorious for unpredictable weather conditions having a waterproof television is a necessity.  Keep in mind installing high-tech anything from outdoor electrical boxes to outdoor electrical outlets should be done by the qualified licensed electricians at Bayside Electrical.

Probably the biggest factor you should consider is your indoor TV’s warranty.  It will most likely NOT include outdoor use. So save yourself the headache and avoid any mishaps.


Mounting Matters


Just like the TV itself, selecting an all weather mounting system is your best option for your outdoor tv installation. As stated, outdoor televisons are considerably heavier.  This will have a direct impact on your mounting system.  Most mounting systems are meant for indoor purposes, unless stated otherwise.  Often times homeowners will request a drop mount or to mount from the ceiling with different suspension options.  However, alternative solutions should be considered.  Mainly because in all weather areas, such as New England, you need a mounting system that can perform against strong winds.  Mounting your outdoor big screen TV on a solid surface, such as a wall and building a protective structure or outdoor TV cabinet around it is the ideal situation.  Even though your outdoor TV is designed to be outside, protecting your investment is crucial.  Outdoor TV’s are quite expensive (often times more than doubling the cost of a standard television) so protect it by following through on a proper installation.  Call Bayside and we will be happy to layout all your options.


Location, Location, Location!


If possible pick a spot that is protected by the elements.  Direct sunlight will affect your TV’s temperature which, over time, can lead to damage.  However, most outdoor televisions are built to withstand high temps – seeing the common theme here? Outdoor rated TV’s really are the most important part.  Also consider the appropriate height for your outdoor TV.  Being able to see your TV from various angles is ideal and the higher it can be mounted the better.  If you plan on doing outdoor entertaining, then TV placement should go with the flow of your outdoor space.

Call Bayside for Your Installation!


As with any home addition, renovation or simple update, hiring trained professionals from a reputable company is one of the key elements. Don’t rely on typing “cheap electricians near me” into your search engine.  Bayside Electrical Contractors has been serving the Cape and Islands, Plymouth County and South Shore areas for decades.  Trust your projects to qualified licensed electricians.  Hire the best electricians in your area and know that Bayside Electrical Contractors is here for you from the initial phone call to the final inspection! We hope to help with your outdoor TV installation ideas and projects. Cheers to enjoying the most out of the outdoors and the taking in the beautiful scenery that surrounds us!


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